Meet Claire, the founder

About claire

Hi, I’m Claire, the face behind Right Point.

Born and raised in Ireland, I now live in Zurich, Switzerland with my husband, young daughter and our dog, Alfie.

After successfully finishing my business degree, I left home and moved to the US for a year that turned into several years…

I found myself working in Silicon Valley and San Francisco at the height of the ‘dot com’ era and thrived there for several years, gaining huge amounts of experience with start-ups.

In 2004 I decided to move back to Ireland, and continued my business career in roles that saw me advise corporate organisations on internal structure, leadership development, communications and business strategy.

Some years later, I moved to Zurich in Switzerland – during this time of transition, I finally allowed myself the opportunity to explore my entrepreneurial spirit.

I remember the ‘light bulb’ moment when I realised that I had a huge desire to share my skills, knowledge and experience to help business leaders. Passionate about bringing purpose and meaning into everyday leadership roles, I found my sweet spot and so Right Point was born!

I’m a qualified executive and career coach, a holder of a business marketing degree from Trinity College, Dublin and I’m always learning new things about the fast-paced business world.

In my downtime, I enjoy socialising , yoga, walks in nature, traveling to exciting places and trying different restaurants. I love to play with my daughter Eva, sing, dance and meet new people!

I hope to meet you soon,

about right point

I set up Right Point in 2016 to provide premium training and coaching services to corporate clients on a global level. Over the years, I have built a highly specialised team of experts to deliver high quality corporate education programmes to our corporate clients. As a team, we passionate about partnering with our clients to create better working environments, improving employee experience and the promoting the wellbeing of others.

what do we do?

My team and I take the approach that if we can help, we will. Due our collective, leadership development, coaching, training and HR skills, we can help you shine a light on your true vision for the future and identify areas where we can support you and your teams. We work very closely with, and our involvement runs deep – your goals and dreams are our business.

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