Changing the Future of Work

WEllbeing • Inclusion • Leadership

Changing the Future of Work

WEllbeing • Inclusion • Leadership

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Hello and welcome to Right Point!

We are a diverse group of experienced professionals, led by Silicon Valley-trained CEO, Claire Corbett.  Our mission is to help you transform the culture of your organisation through improving employee wellbeing and inclusive leadership.

We are based in Switzerland and have a worldwide client base, with clients such as FIFA, Arrow Resources, UBP, Quintet Bank, AXA XL, Julius Baer, HSBC, and more.
A culture of wellbeing in your organisation leads to exponential growth

The Dream

The dream is to have a highly productive, engaged workforce, who feel a sense of belonging and purpose at work, who are committed to being their best for the betterment of themselves, their colleagues and your company.


Modern organisations often struggle to thrive because of toxic corporate culture, increased illness, burnout and high staff turnover. These aspects have a huge business impact on the bottom line and growth of your company.

Latest research shows us that wellbeing at work and an inclusive company culture are among the key success factors. Let us help you realise the dream of a workplace where people love to be!

our approach

How can we help?

Even before we engage, our approach involves getting a clear understanding of where the organisation is at right now and your vision for the future.  We look at what is working well and where improvements are needed. Next, we assess if it is a good fit for both of us and how we can partner together to make your organisation thrive. Then, together we co-create solutions and interventions with the goal of meeting your vision of success.


Increase motivation - create a sense of purpose and belonging – support employee wellbeing – promote better communication – grow an inclusive culture


Connected to company vision - inspire others - active advocates for a healthy culture – role model desired behaviour – passionate about the future of your organisation – empathetic and inclusive


Supportive environment – connected through common vision – success of a shared vision - attract and retain top talent – innovative and successful - best in class

Your organisation is not a machine but a living organism.

HI I'M Claire

…the founder of Right Point Global. Over the years, I’ve worked with ambitious leaders and their teams, both in start-ups and multinational companies in various industries. Because of my passion for being ‘well at work’, I founded Right Point Global to guide leaders and teams on their journey towards well-being and to have more purposeful, authentic and fulfilling working lives. Our clients go on to make impactful changes both in their organizations and personally.

Together, we help you to create thriving organisation, through building awareness, supporting wellbeing, promoting inclusivity and focusing on what really matters.

We look forward to working with you!

Start a conversation

Schedule a free 30-minute call with us, where we will discuss solutions for the wellbeing of your organization, your company goals and aspirations.

our focus

Our areas of experties


Wellbeing is at the core of what we do. 
Our motto is ‘be well, perform well’.  When you and your teams focus on wellbeing, motivation improves, resilience becomes evident and productivity increases.

Studies have proven that well-being and mental health can make the difference between business success and failure. By focusing on this key aspect, we guide you on how to take care of your people and get the results everyone wants.

Diversity & Inclusion

By creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, your employees will have a great sense of belonging and purpose within your organisation. This in turn leads to an increase in productivity, motivation and staff retention.

Our focus is on closing helping you create this inclusive culture through developing the necessary skills within your management teams, upskilling your workforce to better communicate and work as a team and help build a ‘growth and inclusive’ mindset that is deeply imbedded in your company culture.

LEadership Development

We work directly with you to bring your leaders to the next level. We provide support and guidance through our leadership programmes and 1:1 coaching.

Through our involvement and support, we initiate challenging and thoughtful conversations with you and your leadership teams to bring a fresh perspective on topics like developing empathy, active listening, inclusive leadership to your organisation.


Here’s what our clients say

Claire, at Right Point Global, has provided a premium service to Bank Julius Baer for the past 3 years: designing and delivering impactful training interventions for our mentoring programmes and empowering our women in senior management globally through online resilience trainings. I highly recommend Claire to any company who want a highly collaborative partner, who delivers excellent quality employee intervention trainings and programmes.”

Monica Dahinden
Head HR Divisions & Employee of Choice at Julius Baer

"The LEAD Business Resource Group at AXA XL hired Claire, at Right Point, to engage with us on at the crucial topic of Flexible Working . Claire coaching and advice on strategy, design and implementation of a policy was invaluable. I would highly recommend Claire to other companies looking for a bespoke service on people-centred initiatives. Claire is an excellent collaborator, focused on client needs and strategic in her approach”


“Having had the opportunity to attend two Diversity and Inclusion trainings at JB where Claire gave valuable insights and advice to the audience was very beneficial to me. Received a lot of useful ‘food for thought’ to be considered in my role as a mentor. Thank you very much, Claire!”


I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Claire over an extended period of time. Claire provided me with leadership coaching and mentoring. She has been incredibly helpful in putting professional challenges in perspective, gave me useful advice on how I can improve my work-life-balance, and provided me with valuable insight on how to apply a “growth mindset” both professionally and outside of work! Claire has an inspiring personality and I was looking forward to every session with her! Thank you so much, Claire!


Claire is an amazing executive career coach. I hired Claire as my coach to help me get back on track with my career and to find a new executive role that aligns with my values and passion, which I did in a very short period of time, with the help of Claire's coaching. Claire's focus, energy, positive motivation and creative guidance truly inspired me and opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking and approaching my career. I would highly recommend Claire to any executive who is looking to find more purpose and joy in their careers. Thank you Claire!



“Claire is an excellent career coach. Through her 8 week programme, I moved from feeling like I had limited options in my career to seeing so many possibilities and opportunities. Claire helped me to get clear on what I wanted to do for work and how to align my future roles with my values and what I am passionate about doing. I would highly recommend Claire as a career coach for anyone who feels stuck in their career or unsure about their future career path.”


Start a conversation

Schedule a free 30-minute call with us, where we will discuss solutions for the wellbeing of your organization, your company goals and aspirations.

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