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Leadership Development

Inspiring and developing Leaders who love what they do and put the human factor at the heart of business


  • Mindful Leadership with purpose
  • Increased motivation amongst the leadership team
  • Leaders feel supported by the company, which leads to increased loyalty and productivity
  • Customised Leadership / Team Development Programme tailored specifically for your leaders
  • Improved soft skills for leaders
  • A better understanding of leadership challenges
  • Laser focus on solutions
  • Improved self-care routines for leaders

Through our Leadership and Team development programmes, your leaders will excel in areas like communication, resilience at work and improving their effectiveness and connection when working remotely

Through our team-building workshops (online and in-person), team dynamics and productivity will be improved. We also provide strategic counsel on how to make your organisation a better place to work and become an employer of choice.

employee wellbeing

Focus on improving employee well-being to improve staff retention, productivity and overall employee experience at work


  • Better staff retention
  • Improved results in employee satisfaction surveys
  • Improved mindfulness at work which reduces risk of burnout
  • Reduced sick leave and absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher motivation levels
  • Practical options that lead you to your vision
  • Working on mindset and removing mental blocks to your success
  • Enhanced company reputation and ability to attract (and keep) top talent
  • Increased commitment from employees
  • More resilient workforce

Our carefully designed employee well-being initiatives take your staff on an inspiring journey towards better mental healthy, renewed motivation and increased happiness at work.

We put your people at the heart of our work!

Let’s get you on the right path

Schedule a free 30-minute call with us, where we will discuss solutions for the wellbeing of your organization, your company goals and aspirations.

Diversity and inclusion

Raising awareness about the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace “walk the walk as well as talk the talk”


  • Increased D&I awareness
  • Customised workshops and trainings for inclusive leaders and team
  • Gender diversity – how to get more women in senior leadership
  • Become an ‘employer of choice’
  • Increased cultural diversity
  • More inclusive leadership
  • Motivated and happy employees who feel included and ‘safe’ at work

Our D&I trainings and programmes are customised specifically tailored for your organisation. We are highly collaborative with our corporate clients and believe that co-creation is the best way to achieve success.

career coaching

A guiding hand to lead you through a career change or transition to find your purpose and the work you love.


  • Clarity on your core values, which form the foundation of our work together
  • Discover your true purpose which in turn uncovers what you are passionate about
  • Get clear on your strengths and what you enjoy
  • Blue Sky thinking about your dream job
  • Practical options that lead you to your vision
  • Growth mindset and removing mental blocks to your success
  • Improved Confidence
  • and much more…

Our career coaching programmes are a series of 1:1 45 x minute coaching sessions over a period of 3 months (fast track) or 6 months and are either virtual or in-person when safe and possible.

Diversity and inclusion

We assess each of our client’s needs individually and together we decide which services are best suited to you and your business.
Some other sample services are listed below:

> Gaining the Confidence to Build Resilience
> Introducing Mindfulness into Your Work
> Time Management Skills to Find Balance

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