Leadership programme for women in business

We are excited to announce the launch of our one-of-a-kind programme to elevate female leaders to the next level. Our approach deviates from the traditional mainstream leadership development and focuses on the more progressive aspects that truly contribute to making us strong and authentic trailblazers.

What will you get out of this programme ?

Claire Corbett has been a corporate leader for 20+ years in a range of challenging industries around the world. She is regularly invited as a guest speaker and delivers leadership offsites and workshops to senior leaders worldwide.

Claire Corbett and her Right Point Global team will teach you to become not only a more effective leader but one who builds on her strengths and innate talents and abilities.

Together, we will look at all the different aspects of being a successful and inspiring leader including:

  • Leader’s mindset
  • Natural strengths and personality type
  • Confidence
  • Increase your happiness at work
  • And much more
  • Embrace your emotions and build resilience

What makes this programme unique?

A diverse team of experts on a range of leadership topics so you benefit from a wealth of combined experience from these that ensures a fully rounded approach. Group sessions are highly interactive with many opportunities to ask questions of the experts.

What’s included ?

The duration of the programme will be for 6 weeks, with 90 minute group sessions every Tuesday evening from 20.00  – 21.30 CET (please check your timezone). The programme starts on Thursday February 27th until Tuesday April 2nd.

The programme entails weekly group workshops which include expert input from our various specialists. Each week will have a different focus whilst building on the previous week’s modules. The programme also includes weekly self-reflection work.

programme subscription options:

Standard – Standard sessions plus homework (with workbook)

Premium – Same as Standard + 1:1 coaching session with coach of choice + LinkedIn group with access to coaching team plus other participants

Platinum – Same as Premium + 2 extra 1:1 coaching sessions + leadership giveaway + exclusive access to Claire throughout the duration of the programme (conditions apply) + invitation to a group session with other platinum members

Claire will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the programme: [email protected]

CHF 999.00CHF 2'199.00

By purchasing this programme you are agreeing to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ONLINE COURSE – Right Point Global

Meet your experts

Claire Corbett

Claire is the founder and managing director of Right Point. A business professional, certified coach and corporate trainer who is passionate about employee wellbeing, leadership development and building more diverse and inclusive workplaces. She has a visionary, yet practical approach, to her client work.

holly roberts

Holly is an EMCC accredited career and transitions coach with expertise in expatriation and working with emotions. She is passionate about supporting you to tap into true self and your emotions in order to create greater alignment in your professional and personal life. Her mission on our programme is to create a  space in which you feel seen, heard, understood and present

patricia byron

Patricia Byron, an Executive & Wellbeing Coach, Women in Leadership Champion and Transformational Change Facilitator, will join us to provide her insight and experience from a 20-year career in the Financial Services industry. Patricia isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions to get you to think and challenge yourself in new and inspiring ways.

philine chucri

Philine Chucri is a Wellbeing and Mindset Coach supporting parents in the workplace by helping them to manage feelings of overwhelm and guilt when juggling work and family life. Philine is known for her empathetic and kind approach to coaching her clients.

anna stando

Anna is a strong advocate for the importance of good mental health and gender equality. At Right Point Global, she teaches about the benefits of gratitude and helps organisations to build teams where everyone is seen, heard and valued.

pleun andriessen

Pleun is an experienced facilitator, learning designer and accredited menstrual cycle awareness coach. Her business operates in alignment and strengths of her menstrual cycle and hormones. Pleun brings well informed, practical yet sustainable methods to implementing the strengths of your hormones into your day to day business and leadership skills.

What to Expect

Module 1 - Introduction and Leaders Mindset

Ever wonder what makes an effective female leader, who takes challenges, feedback and pressure all in her stride? Have you ever found yourself taking feedback too personally and spent hours or days ruminating over situations that happened at work? In this module, we will explore what this mindset is all about and how to practice this mindset, even when you are pressurised. These types of leaders actively seek feedback, encourage collaboration, and are open to new ideas, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability that drives the organization forward.

Module 2 - leading with power and presence

Have you ever been curious about the difference between “Leadership” and ‘Management”? In this module, our leadership expert, Patricia Byron, will help you identify what leading as a female actually entails. You will learn the most effective ways to harness your feminine leadership qualities that are authentic to you, versus what you think you’re supposed to be. As a group of female leaders, you will explore your strengths and uniqueness, learn how to be your own best champion and how to be your own best advocate.

Module 3 - engaging emotions at work

We will look at the relationship between beliefs, emotions and values and develop empowering emotional narratives that move us beyond limiting behaviours. The objective is to help you to develop your relationship with your emotions, so you can harness their power to find confidence, alignment and to overcome unwanted feelings of imposter syndrome and overwhelm. This will be a space in which to reflect and process your emotional experience so that you can build self awareness, embrace and connect to chosen emotions, build resilience and tap into courage.

Module 4 - Harness your Hormones & Be a Stronger Leader

Our hormonal system influences our daily moods, energy levels, focus and productivity. This means that our cycles offer us tools we can use in our business. In this module, you will learn about the hormonal system, explore the different seasons of our menstrual cycles, and how these can actually support you in becoming the leader you want to be. You will walk away with your personal hormonal map, and learn how the strengths of your cycle will help you become the leader you want to be.

Module 5 - overcoming Gender Bias at Work

Have you ever found yourself facing colleagues who question your expertise or condescendingly explain things to you? Have you experienced being passed over for promotions under the pretext of “not being ready yet”, only to have your ideas later echoed and praised when voiced by a male colleague? In this session, we’ll discuss performance bias, how it manifests itself at work, and most crucially, what you can do to reduce its impact on your career. You will learn how to get the recognition you deserve at work, empowering you to realize your full potential and craft a fulfilling career that aligns with your passions.

Module 6 - Boost your Wellbeing and Thrive

Investing in our wellbeing is more important than ever in today’s fast paced and demanding work environment. You know that already. But you just don’t have time for self-care. And even if you squeeze in a morning run before the first meeting or a workout during lunch break, your guilt creeps in for missing time at work. In this final module, we’ll recognise real self-care (vs. faux self-care) as a mindset. We will explore how you can practice authentic self-care, in line with your unique needs and preferences, to unleash your full potential and grow into an authentic, confident and inspiring leader.

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“A review from a customer who benefited from your product. Reviews can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”


“A review from a customer who benefited from your product. Reviews can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”

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