Financial Parenting

Financial Parenting

Our Parenting specialists have designed a programme to educate parents how to teach their children money skills required for the future in early years.

Our Financial Parenting Programme is designed to teach parents how to approach the topic of finances with their children from a young age. It is an important topic to discuss with young children as it impacts many aspects of kids’ lives.

Educating children about money from a young age can show them the value of money and belongings, while teaching them financial literacy and preparing them for adulthood.

Areas of focus

We discuss the relationship with money and different ways to manage money. We learn about budgeting, effective financial management and decision making techniques for spending money.

Let us guide you in teaching your children financial concepts such as setting financial goals, budgeting, saving, investing and spending. We also discuss approaches to use when educating children about money, so they can benefit from improved financial stability in adulthood.

We support parents in understanding healthy spending habits that children can build from a young age and defining bad spending habits that should be avoided.

We teach useful approaches to guiding your child to learn smart ways of earning and saving money to build security for the future. We discuss ways in which parents can set a good example for their children and encourage them to be smart with money.

We assist you in understanding the meaning of money ethics and how it can be explained to children. It is important to distinguish between financial rights and wrongs from a young age.

Who is this for?

All Parents who want to educate their children about the importance of money

Delivery options

Learning Objectives


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