Male advocacy

Male Advocacy Programme

Designed by our D&I Specialists to combine the male perspective with diverse female voices on the culture and constitution of organisations.

A diverse workforce, supported through an inclusive working environment is a prerequisite to the execution of any organisation’s business strategy and to the sustainable success of it as a whole. 

Organisations need Men to Advocate Progress (‘MAP’) for Gender Equality through a Diversity & Inclusion lens. This requires a courageous journey of understanding and commitment to shift some mindsets from passive awareness to proactive advocacy. Without men, no organisation will succeed in its Gender Equality ambition.

This programme is designed to combine the male perspective (including any potential challenges, concerns and insights) with diverse female voices on the culture and constitution of organisations and to encourage a greater individual and collective self-awareness, provide learnings and toolkits to enable men to both manage their diverse teams and be managed by women.

Areas of focus

Who is this for?

Employees of all levels

Delivery options

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What a full engagement could look like:

Having had the opportunity to attend two Diversity and Inclusion trainings at JB where Claire gave valuable insights and advice to the audience. It was very beneficial to me. Received a lot of useful ‘food for though’ to be considered in my role as a mentor. Thank you very much Claire!

Tobias Amiet,
Global Head Markets & Products Compliance for Julius Baer
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