Psychological safety in the workplace

Psychological Safety

Designed by our Wellbeing specialists to improve psychological safety in your organisation.

Our Psychological Safety programme is one of our most popular programmes. Our participants, your employees, will learn what psychological safety is and what It is not. Together we discover how this crucial aspect of work influences the organisation culture and overall success. Throughout the programme, our members will learn how to observe safety in their workplace as well as tangible and practical strategies and tools that can be implemented easily in specific teams, departments or throughout your entire organisation.

areas of focus

This module is an introduction to the concept of Psychological Safety. We explain and educate what it looks like to have Psychological Safety at work and how to establish it in your corporate culture

This module is an education with real life examples of how what we experience on a day-to-day basis at work can either work against or support us feeling psychologically safe.

We provide tried and tested strategies and tools for your employees to start using straight away at work. We ensure our suggested methods are easy to implement and impactful.
Every participant of this programme can be a role model for others in your organisation. We show our learners how to model healthy behaviour so that others can also experience and enjoy Psychological Safety
Here we look to the longer term approach, providing expert advice and map out a path to ensuring Psychological safety for the future in your company.

Who is this for?

Employees of all levels

Learning Objectives



What a full engagement could look like:

The LEAD Business Resource Group at AXA XL hired Claire, at Right Point, to engage with us on the crucial topic of ‘Flexible Working”. Claire’s advice on strategy, design and implementation was invaluable. Going above and beyond to deliver the highest quality standard, Claire designed and delivered a webinar on Flexible Working for over 100 of our employees. The webinar was engaging, interactive and an excellent start to a frank discussion on this key topic. I would highly recommend Claire to other companies looking for a bespoke service on D&I initiatives. Claire is an excellent collaborator, focused on client needs and strategic in her approach. Claire is passionate about making positive change in inclusivity and the diversity for companies like AXA XL. Thank you Claire!

Anne Sheehy
Head of Analytics for Risk Consulting, AXA XL, a division of AXA

Having had the opportunity to attend two Diversity and Inclusion trainings at JB where Claire gave valuable insights and advice to the audience. It was very beneficial to me. Received a lot of useful ‘food for though’ to be considered in my role as a mentor. Thank you very much Claire!

Tobias Amiet,
Global Head Markets & Products Compliance for Julius Baer
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