Empathy for Leaders

Empathetic leadership means having the ability to understand the needs of others and being aware of their feelings and thoughts. For too long, this skill has been overlooked in the workplace. Recent research for the Centre for Leadership findings were consistent across the sample: those managers who were rated as empathetic by their team were […]

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Art of Delegation

When stepping into a new leadership role or working with a new team, one of the key mistakes is the failure to identify that certain tasks need to be delegated. The desire to do it all yourself can lead to inefficiencies, burnout, and low staff morale. Being an effective leader involves leveraging the strengths of

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Leadership Development

Welcome to the Inside-Out Leadership Development Coaching Programme with the Right Point Team of expert trainers and coaches.
The team is headed up by the Right Point CEO and founder, Claire Corbett. Claire, with input from her team, designed this specialised Leadership Programme, based on their mutual passion to provide an inspiring yet practical ‘Inside-Out’ learning

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