Social Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing is a key pillar of wellbeing in the workplace. Together, we discover how this crucial aspect of wellbeing influences the organisation culture and overall success. We work together to ensure employees feel psychologically safe in the workplace – they are not afraid to ask questions, express their ideas and make mistakes. Through our

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Psychological Safety

Our Psychological Safety programme is one of our most popular programmes. Our participants, your employees, will learn what psychological safety is and what It is not. Together we discover how this crucial aspect of work influences the organisation culture and overall success. Throughout the programme, our members will learn how to observe safety in their

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Mental Wellbeing

Prioritise your employees’ Mental Health and wellbeing through our Mental Wellbeing programmes and workshops. Specifically designed for high impact, we use tangible and practical strategies and tools that can be implemented easily throughout your entire organisation for optimal performance and productivity.   https://rightpointglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Right-Piont-Welbeing-Program-Video-1_Short-Version_D2-V2-Subtitles.mp4 areas of focus Introduction to Mental Health at Work This focus area

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Physical Wellbeing

Promote Physical Wellbeing in your workplace. Our services include energy management trainings, building healthy habits, successful sleep and healthy eating and much more. A work force who are well, perform well. Through our highly customisable approach, we bring your employees on an expertly designed ‘wellbeing’ journey. Our participants will learn practical strategies, new skills, and effective

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Financial Parenting

Our Financial Parenting Programme is designed to teach parents how to approach the topic of finances with their children from a young age. It is an important topic to discuss with young children as it impacts many aspects of kids’ lives. Educating children about money from a young age can show them the value of

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